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Can invention be taught?

To a useful extent, yes. It’s less what to invent, more how to process an invention idea - your own or someone else’s. We can help create the confidence to invent, whether for industry or education.

Invention is a form of enterprise and many successful products owe their existence to a determined inventor.

Yet in the UK, a nation built on technical ingenuity, invention is not recognised as a skill set anyone can learn. In fact, despite lip service paid to a very few celebrity inventors, it is almost wilfully ignored.

An innovation-hungry culture needs to encourage and support inventiveness wherever it may be found, whether it’s a kitchen table, a shed, a classroom, a company or a university.

The smug maxim: ’If an idea is good enough it’ll succeed unaided’ belongs in the bin. Lack of support routinely kills off many promising inventions.

Customised learning material from

In the absence of better resources inventors can only improve their chances with better knowledge, and that’s what we offer.

Exactly how we can help depends on the needs of end users, who can be anyone - companies, schools, colleges, training organisations or universities.

We can provide customised - dare we say innovative - learning material that will deliver lasting measurable benefits to individuals or groups. For example, for schools we can work within STEM curriculum requirements.

If you have any questions or are interested in discussing possibilities, we’ll be happy to hear from you. Please contact us using the form below.

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