Research & Report service – £200

Invention idea due diligence research

Research & Report is our oldest and most popular service, which perhaps isn’t surprising as it gives inventors a lot of value for money.

In essence it’s an objective, independent and specialist examination of your invention idea to find out how much commercial potential it might have and what your next step(s) might usefully be.

It’s the invention equivalent of the basic due diligence work companies and funding bodies routinely perform on proposals for new products or projects.

You may be too close to your idea to see anything but its strengths, so we also look for weaknesses – not to be negative, but rather the opposite. Spot a weakness and you get a chance to fix it. Miss it or ignore it, and it might sooner or later take your whole invention down.

The cost of Research & Report – £200 – is small compared to what you might lose if you run with an invention idea and later hit problems that were there all along.

Also, because you’re our client and we care about you, we don’t do flattery or evasion. We tell you exactly what we think, based on long professional experience. There’s a risk it might not be much fun on the receiving end, but it’s for the greater good of you and your idea.

How does Research & Report work?

It’s designed to be easy and flexible and can be used by any individual or small business for any invention idea, innovative concept or product design.

Send us details of your idea (see Invention submission process below) and we’ll send you a report within 30 working days that typically includes:

•   A patent search, including details of relevant patents.

•   A search for similar or competing products or technologies.

•   Relevant market information.

•   Our opinion of how the patent and product search findings affect your idea.

•   Advice on how to protect your idea appropriately and cost effectively.

•   Advice on technical and design feasibility.

•   Advice on any other aspect of your idea that you specifically ask about.

•   Our overall judgment of the strengths and weaknesses of your idea.

•   Advice on what to consider doing next.

What if you have more than one idea?

Not knowing which of multiple invention ideas to prioritise is a common inventor dilemma, so ask us to look at all of them as a single Research & Report task. There’s less research per idea but we can help you decide which to focus on first.

Alternatively, consider using our invention advice email service in the same way for very early-stage ideas..

Are we safe?

We think so! See our promise of Confidentiality.

Invention idea submission process 

STEP 1  Read our Terms & Conditions as completion of STEP 3 assumes that you accept them.

STEP 2  Read the guidance and prepare the information you want to send us.

STEP 3  Complete the submission formkeep a copy, just in case! – then click Submit.

STEP 4  Click Pay Now below the submission form. You don’t need a PayPal account and can pay by debit or credit card. (You can if you prefer pay by cheque or direct bank transfer, but please email first so we can provide necessary details.)