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A Better Mousetrap is our step-by-step 160-page guide to invention, written in plain English by authors with over 30 years’ experience of advising inventors and assessing invention ideas.

Most invention ideas fall by the wayside, so we explain how to evaluate your idea to find out whether it’s worth developing. This matters because many inventions fail for reasons that were there all along.

(Inventor Dave Melton of Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression Systems wins the prize for the wisest remark about invention we’ve ever heard: ‘One of the most important things for an inventor to know is when he’s wasting his time’.)

We wave many red flags. For example, do not immediately apply for a patent. There are other ways to protect an invention and a patent may do more harm than good. (Read some of what we think about patenting here.)

Importantly, A Better Mousetrap treats invention as a form of enterprise that requires a methodical, businesslike approach that minimises risk. You might start out as an inventor but you’ll soon be more use to your invention as an entrepreneur or project manager.

We advise you how to:

  • avoid common mistakes and hazards
  • do things in a logical order
  • make best use of limited funds and resources
  • understand intellectual property protection
  • embrace the business aspects of invention
  • approach and negotiate with companies
  • minimise risk
  • stay in control.
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