Advice email – £35 or £65


Invention advice email – fast advice on newly-hatched ideas


You’ve got this idea for an invention and like the sound of it, but will anyone else? Could it become a project or does it belong on the ‘nice try’ pile?

Our invention advice email service can help you decide.

Simply email us enough detail to get our teeth into and in around ten working days we’ll email back our opinion – based on assessing several thousand invention ideas over 30+ years – and maybe a few suggestions for further action.

This is a deliberately bargain-priced service because there’s no point spending significant money on only the germ (so far) of an idea.

An hour or two is usually plenty to identify strengths and weaknesses in a ‘back of an envelope’ invention idea. We tell you what we think they are to help you decide whether the idea stays or goes.

An invention advice email can also help if you’ve done your own research but want a second opinion, or an answer to a specific question.

If you need basic advice rather than more detailed research, an invention advice email could be ideal.

How it works:

STEP 1 Choose from two levels of invention advice email, depending on how much feedback you want. Level 1 (£35) books us for around one hour; Level 2 for around two hours. Level 2 (£65) can include, if you wish, a follow-up phone discussion (UK only).

STEP 2 Send your email. Using  – subject heading Advice email – send us whatever information and questions you think relevant. There’s no word limit, though in view of the time constraint a short read beats a long one.

STEP 3  Make your payment. Select Level 1 or Level 2 below, then click Pay Now. Your invention advice email becomes ‘live’ when we get payment confirmation from PayPal.

Subject to workload at the time, we aim to send invention advice emails within 10 working days of payment notification. If for any reason it’s going to take longer, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

Our Terms and conditions and promise of confidentiality apply.

Level 1 or Level 2?