Invention services

Affordable services for all inventors

We want to give inventors anywhere in the world quality information and advice at an affordable cost.

To do this we offer a choice of fixed-price services designed to meet the most common needs of inventors in the early stages of their projects.

Whichever service you choose we’ll need to know at least some detail of your idea or invention, so please read this simple mutual confidentiality agreement that applies automatically to all our services. We’ll sign your own NDA too if you wish, as long as we can accept its terms.

Our services are:

Research & Report: £200  Our most popular service. As the name suggests we research your idea, then report on what we’ve found. Typically included is a patent and product search, advice on commercial potential and IP strategy, suggested actions and referrals to reputable people or organisations with potential to help you take your project further.

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Patent search: £100  We spend around half a day – longer if necessary – searching patent databases to establish how original your invention might be. From experience that’s ample for most invention ideas. Our price is way below other patent search services because we know it generally doesn’t take long to find enough evidence to make further searching of very limited use.

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Invention advice email – Level 1: £35   A quick way to get informed feedback about a potential invention idea, or to get an answer to a specific question. We spend an hour or so on your idea or query, then email a brief response. If you don’t need much detail, this is a bargain.

Invention advice email – Level 2: £65   Still at starter level, we spend two hours or so on your idea or query and also give you the option of a phone conversation (if in the UK) to discuss.

We aim to send invention advice emails in around ten working days, subject to our workload at the time.

All invention services provided by are subject to our Terms & Conditions.