New, wider range of invention services

We’ve just restructured (new, improved recipe!) our services to inventors to offer a better and more keenly priced choice. We now offer two levels of Invention Advice Email and have added a stand-alone patent search service. Patent searching is still included in our Research & Report service, which stays as it is, and a low-cost patent application writing service is available to clients who have used or are already using other services.

All these are fixed-price services for a fixed amount of time, starting at a ridiculously cheap £35 for an hour of assessment. That low entry point acknowledges the fact that many ideas proposed as inventions are never going to fly, and it often doesn’t take long to come to that conclusion – so why waste money on an unnecessary level of research?

That doesn’t mean that if you come to us we’ll tell you your idea is rubbish. Far from it. Believe us, we’re delighted whenever we come across an idea with real potential. We want to see more of them, if only to help demonstrate that private inventors do make a significant contribution to innovation.

But the survival rate of invention ideas at ‘beermat sketch’ stage is statistically low, so the £35 service is our way of making disappointment more bearable for those ideas for which it’s a thumbs-down. (If it’s thumbs-up, we can if you wish upgrade you for the price difference to one of our other services.)

At the other end of the scale, we provide hands-on assistance to invention projects with proven potential that are ready to roll or already in progress. This helps the many inventors who have to work, at least initially, on their own and unaided. We’ll be as transparent and predictive as possible on price, but circumstances vary so much from one invention project to another that we’ll need to talk first before coming to a mutual decision about what may be achievable.

So overall, we think we’re now much more in tune with what inventors need at any and every stage of their engagement with invention.

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