We need product designers to list!

Calling sympathetic product designers, wherever you are. We’re trying to build up a regional listing on our Links page of product designers willing to work with inventors. We’ve only got a few so far, but that’s from only one day of asking via Twitter.

From experience we know that inventors have had both good and bad experiences with product designers, so it’s important to us to list only those who express a wilingness to work with people who may be new to the whole process of product design, and are likely to have a very limited budget.

Ideally there will also be a willingness to at least consider some kind of business partnership to spread the cost burden and share the rewards. Plenty of inventions owe much of their success to a product designer’s input, so an invention could give a designer a good ground-floor opportunity to acquire a realistic share of something highly profitable.

If you’re up for it and would like to be listed, please send us your contact details.

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