Invention project help – from £200

Let us help you get your invention moving


A problem for many inventors is that they’re working alone and unaided, at least to begin with, and that’s when big mistakes can easily be made. So how about hiring us to act on your behalf for one or more stages of your invention or innovation project?

We can’t promise miracles but we can promise to make a significant difference. We can solve problems, talk to people, make contacts, find information and resources, and help with business plan writing, funding bids or product marketing. It’s completely open-ended. We can handle one task or several.

You may have a clear idea of what needs doing, or you may be happy to let us use our initiative. The important thing is that you stay in control. We keep you informed and don’t try to take over. We also try to keep you safe.

Before you ask: getting funding for inventions is never easy, so there are no guarantees on that front. But funding is easier to get if you can show that you’re doing all the right things to make your project commercially sound, and that’s where we can definitely help.

Our project assistance is charged at £200 per day. It’s perhaps best seen as ‘lend a hand’ input lasting no more than two or three days – or, more likely, equivalent hours spread over several days or even weeks. You don’t want it to cost too much, while we need to limit the time we spend on any single project.

No two inventions or inventors are the same, so it’s hard to say what might be achievable without free and confidential prior discussion.

So if you’re interested, your starting point is to contact us by email.