Research & Report service – £200

Invention research and evaluation


It isn’t enough to believe that your invention idea is original and will sell. No investor or company will come on board on that basis. You have to prove its potential, by – among other things – researching prior art (what’s already known in that product or technology field) and the market for your idea.

The best way to get the evidence you need is to have an independent, impartial specialist do the research for you.

That’s what we’ve done for inventors and SMEs since we started out in the invention evaluation, advice and development field in the 1980s. Research & Report is our ‘signature’ service.

Yes, it costs. But the cost is small compared to what you could lose if you run with an invention project and later hit problems that were there all along.


How does the Research & Report service work?

It’s designed to be easy and flexible, and can be used for any invention idea or design.

Simply send us details of your invention idea or project (see Invention submission process below) and we’ll send you a report within 30 days that normally includes:

  • A patent search, including copies or details of relevant patents.
  • Our opinion of how the patent search findings affect your idea.
  • A search for relevant products, technologies and other market information.
  • Advice on how to protect your idea. (Don’t just think patent!)
  • Advice on technical and design feasibility.
  • Advice on any other aspect of your idea that you specifically ask about.
  • Our overall judgment of the strengths and weaknesses of your idea.
  • Advice on what to consider doing next. This may include suggesting other invention services if we think they’re appropriate, but you’ll be under absolutely no obligation to use them.

Benefits of invention evaluation

  • If our research identifies flaws in your idea, you have a chance to fix them before going any further.
  • Because you’re our client we tell you everything, including exactly what we think. You’re unlikely to get that quality of response elsewhere.
  • Every year, inventors spend small fortunes on ideas no one wants. Our Research & Report service could stop that being you.

What if you have more than one invention or innovation idea?

Not knowing which to prioritise is quite a common dilemma, so ask us to look at all of them as a single Research & Report submission. There’s less research per idea, but we can help you decide which to focus your efforts on. Or consider using our lower-cost Invention Advice Email service in the same way for very early-stage ideas.


Are we safe?

Yes. See our promise of Confidentiality.

Invention submission process


Read our Terms & ConditionsCompletion of STEP 3 assumes that you accept them.

Read the guidance and prepare the information you want to send us.

Complete the  submission form. When you’re happy with it, click Submit.

Click the Pay Now button below the submission form and you’ll be taken to PayPal’s secure payment site. (You don’t need a PayPal account.)

Once PayPal confirms payment, we’ll send you an acknowledgement email and in due course send your report.

Any questions?

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