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You’ve got an invention idea and it won’t go away. You’ve never invented anything before and don’t know what to do. First step: read A Better Mousetrap: the Business of Invention. You’re exactly the person we wrote it for. A Better Mousetrap is a step-by-step guide to invention, written in plain English by people who have been experts in invention advice and help for over 25 years.

Invention guide 'A Better Mousetrap'

We want you to succeed with your invention and avoid unnecessary cost and risk. But common sense dictates that not all inventions can succeed, so we first teach you how to evaluate your invention to find out whether it’s worth developing. Then we explain all the major do’s and don’ts of invention – an area of business development that is still poorly understood, even by many professionals.

For example, you should not immediately rush out and patent your invention. You might not need a patent at all, and in some circumstances patenting an invention can do more harm than good.

We’ve poured into A Better Mousetrap’s 200 pages the best of our experience of dealing with thousands of invention ideas and inventors since the 1980s. A Better Mousetrap is recommended by many business and innovation professionals, including the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys.

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The invention book that keeps you in control

Our inventors’ book A Better Mousetrap is easy to read and covers everything you need to know. It treats invention as a form of enterprise that requires a methodical, businesslike approach. It’s a guide to turning an idea into an invention project and tells you how to:

avoid mistakes
do things in the right order
minimise your risk at every stage
make best use of limited funds and resources
stay in control.

Crucially, it tells you how to decide whether an invention idea is worth development at all. This matters because many inventions fail for reasons that were there all along. (Inventor Dave Melton, of Firetrace fire protection products, takes the prize for the wisest remark about invention we’ve ever heard: ‘One of the most important things for an inventor to know is when he’s wasting his time’.)

Bursting to patent your invention

Read Project 5 of A Better Mousetrap first! 

Patenting is beyond doubt the single most misunderstood aspect of invention. And it doesn’t help that patent law is enormously complex and hazardous.

Protecting an invention idea doesn’t automatically mean patenting it. There are other ways to protect intellectual property that can be better and cheaper. Part of what makes professionals recommend A Better Mousetrap as a responsible invention book for beginners is the advice we give about planning an IP strategy that is appropriate for your invention idea or project. That may or may not include a patent. That advice alone makes A Better Mousetrap the inventor’s book you can’t afford not to read.

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