Confidentiality guaranteed

Everything we do is in strict confidence and we use what we think is a simple and strong form of protection for inventors.

You don’t have to ask us to observe confidence. You don’t have to draft your own non-disclosure agreement (NDA)*. Instead, we promise confidentiality automatically to every inventor who uses our services. This is built into our Terms and Conditions. Thus, you get twenty years of confidentiality with a single mouse click.

* We’ll additionally sign your own NDA if we find its terms acceptable, but we honestly don’t think this would give you any stronger protection.


Our 20-year confidentiality and security promise


  1. All information you send us about your invention idea – other than anything already in the public domain, such as published patents – is treated as strictly confidential. It’s seen by very few people (typically no more than two or three) and is inaccessible to anyone else.
  2. Payment and personal details are also treated as confidential.
  3. All information is stored securely. Digital information is password and firewall protected and as appropriate transferred to off-site storage.
  4. All personnel are bound by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) covering all their casework.
  5. For security reasons we don’t accept requests by phone to discuss any of our casework. In the case of requests by email or mail, exceptions may be made at our discretion but only if we can first establish by appropriate checks that the person making the request is entitled to information.
  6. No information about you or your invention idea will be included in any work done for anyone else, or in any marketing material, or used for any other commercial or transactional purpose.
  7. Confidentiality will last for twenty (20) years from the date of submission of information.

Finally, please also consider these points about confidentiality and the way we work:

The purpose of formal confidentiality is to reduce the need for secrecy. It’s your decision how much to tell us about your invention idea or project, but the more we know, the better we can help or advise you.

Confidentiality means that we have to accept at face value all information that can’t be checked without risking disclosure, so it’s important that any such information you send us is accurate.