About us

How we help inventors

If you’re a first-time inventor you’ll quickly learn that there isn’t much impartial advice, information or understanding out there for inventors or their inventions. So we provide all those things, online and at affordable prices.

We provide a safe, sympathetic and – we’d like to think – indispensable source of information and advice for any inventor, anywhere. We can help if:

  • You have an invention idea but don’t know what to do next.
  • You have an idea and want its potential researched.
  • You’ve started developing your invention but want specific help or advice.

We’ve assessed literally thousands of invention ideas since the 1980s and so can provide advice about any aspect of invention. We can research your idea’s potential, carry out patent searches for you, or answer your questions – perhaps about what to do next, or how to solve a specific problem. Or maybe you just want a second opinion to confirm or expand on your own research.

We respect anyone trying to develop an invention, not just because the economy needs inventors but also because we know what private inventors are up against. If you’ve never invented anything before, read our page imaginatively titled New to invention? Better still, buy our acclaimed beginners’ guide to invention A Better Mousetrap to find out (among many other useful things) what the pitfalls are and how to get round them.

Our services mainly provide inventors with tailored information and advice during the early stages of invention. That’s when a lot of conventional business wisdom either doesn’t apply or is downright misleading, especially about patents. (We strongly urge you to coffee up for our no-punches-pulled ‘long read’ on the patent system.)

We also give pre-invention advice, when all that exists is an invention idea that might or might not be worth developing further.

We communicate in plain English and don’t do flattery. Minimising personal risk has to be a priority for private, self-funding inventors, so if we think your idea won’t fly we’ll say so and explain our reasoning. If we think there might be ways of fixing the problem(s), we’ll explain that too.

What we won’t do is suggest that if you give us a big enough chunk of money we’ll get your invention to market for you. Invention doesn’t work like that. It never has. With no exceptions we can think of, successful inventors manage their projects from beginning to end, either on their own or with a team.



This and all other page footer drawings – from genuine published patents – are of traps that capture rather than kill, because we rather like mice. Abettermousetrap.co.uk personnel proudly use only humane mousetraps and undergo extensive training in rodent counselling and rehabilitation.