What we do


Need help with your invention or idea?

Then you’ve come to the right place


We specialise in help in the early stages of invention, when there are few genuinely knowledgeable sources of support and conventional business advice can be downright misleading – particularly about patents and IP.

We’ve assessed literally thousands of invention ideas since the 1980s and we’re listed as a MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) consultant for invention.


How can we help you?

We can help if:

  • You have an invention idea but don’t know what to do next.
  • You have an idea and want its potential researched.
  • You’ve started developing your invention but want specific help or advice.

We can provide impartial advice about any aspect of invention. We can research your idea’s potential, providing your with key information for your own use or to help interest other people or organisations in your idea.  We can carry out patent searches for you. We can work on your behalf to help you achieve agreed objectives.

If you’re a company or organisation, we can provide all the same services – or we can help you deal fairly and efficiently with externally submitted inventions.

To find out more see Services to Inventors . If you’re  unsure which service is right for you, email your enquiry. If you prefer to talk, please include a contact number.




abettermousetrap.co.uk’s aims

Our aims are:

  • To help good invention ideas succeed, because they contribute significantly to innovation and business start-up.
  • To stop inventors making potentially costly mistakes. The failure rate of inventions is high. The problem may be the invention itself, or some aspect of the way it’s handled. Either way, we want to keep you safe.
  • To educate everyone – not just inventors – in the basic skills needed to assess and develop new product ideas. In any economy that values innovation, invention should be everyone’s business.


Our book

If you want to know about the essentials of invention, the best way to start is by reading our book A Better Mousetrap, available also in ebook format. It explodes many of the myths and misconceptions that make invention a minefield, so it’s almost guaranteed to save you money. Or get a quick flavour of what matters here.